Management team

Krister Söderholm CEO and Board member

Board member since May 2012, chairman of the board 2013-2014. Krister Söderholm holds a M.Sc. degree in geology from Åbo Akademi in Finland. He has worked for 23 years (1979-2002) for Outokumpu in various positions, about half of these in Finland and half in several other countries. Krister has also worked as chief geologist and Mine Superintendent at A / S Bidjovagge Gruber in Norway 1985-1988 and as project manager / chief geologist / Exploration Mgr. at Viscaria AB in Sweden 1989-1996. On behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Finland he was the Inspector of Mines in 2003-2006. From 2006 to 2010 he was employed by Kevitsa Mining Oy / First Quantum Minerals Ltd, where he was CEO and later Country Mgr. In 2010 Krister started his own consulting company KrisConsulting Oy. He was elected to the board of Nordic Mines the same year. He was then appointed General Mgr. for Laiva Gold Mine in Raahe, Finland, where he served until the mine opening in 2012. From May 2013 until 2017 he was again member of the Board of Nordic Mines.

Krister Söderholm owns 70,000 shares in Arctic Minerals.

He is deemed independent from the biggest shareholders but dependent of the company and management.

Risto Pietilä Exploration Manager

Risto Pietilä graduated with a M.Sc. in geophysics from the University of Oulu in 1979.  He has over 30 years' international experience as an exploration geophysicist. Between 1980 and 2004 he worked for Outokumpu Oy on exploration and mining projects in Finland and Australia.  He has been involved in a number of mineral discoveries, including the high-grade Silver Swan nickel deposit in Western Australia, the Telkkälä nickel deposit in Finland and a VMS deposit in Morocco.  Geophysics played a crucial role in all these discoveries.  Since 2004 Mr. Pietilä has held a number of senior positions with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), including Divisional Manager of Bedrock and Raw materials, as well as Regional Director of GTK's Northern Finland Office.  Most recently, he was Head of the Mineral Processing and Materials Research Unit of GTK, from which position he retired in 2018. Risto Pietilä was appointed Exploration Manager in 2018. Risto Pietilä was named exploration manager in 2018. He owns no shares in Arctic Minerals.

Peter Wulff Geologist

Peter Wulff graduated (M.Sc. in geology) from University of Copenhagen in 1993 and has 25 years' experience with gold and base metals exploration in Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Peter Wulff has been working for Arctic Minerals since 2017. Peter Wulff owns 1,338,180 shares in Arctic Minerals.

Lennart Kvist Corporate Secretary

Lennart Kvist holds a law degree from Uppsala University 1977 and has 8 years' experience working as a lawyer at a law firm.  He has during 1990-2012 held a number of positions in banking, risk management and compliance, including serving as Deputy CEO of former Föreningsbanken AB (publ). From 2012 Lennart Kvist had been working as a consultant in financial compliance. Lennart Kvist was appointed Corporate Secretary 2018. Lennart Kvist owns privately 20,000 shares and via Kvist Administration Consulting AB 20,000 shares in Arctic Minerals.