About us

Arctic Minerals is a Nordic junior exploration company, focusing on exploration for copper, zinc, gold and battery metals in Finland. The company name was earlier Arctic Gold but when the company Norrbotten Exploration was acquired in autumn 2017, the company was renamed Arctic Minerals. The acquisition and the new recruitments gave the group additional competence and strengths and a new focus on exploration in Finland.

The Arctic Minerals Group consist of the mother company Arctic Minerals, and the two subsidiaries Norrbotten Exploration AB and Arctic Gold AB. Arctic Minerals is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm, with the ticker “ARCT”. From autumn 2017 the mother company Arctic Minerals is in charge of administration and of coordinating the businesses, Norrbotten Exploration AB is in charge of exploration in Finland, and Arctic Gold AB owns the mineral rights covering the past Bidjovagge mine camp, including the highly potential ore zone in Finnmark in Northern Norway.

The management and board of Arctic Minerals consist of strongly engaged persons with broad experience of exploration and development of mine projects in the Nordic countries, and with also a good business experience. The key persons have a strong track record: They were responsible for the development of the Kevitsa multimetal mine project in Northern Finland to what is today the second biggest metal mine in Finland, owned by Boliden AB.

Arctic Minerals focus is on finding mineable deposits consisting of metals with a good future demand, for example battery metals. New deposits will be developed and sold, opening and operating mines is not included in the company’s business plans.

By using best available technique in the exploration, and by using the in-house know-how and experience, the process from the start of the exploration to the selling of mineable ores is cost effective. This also improves the probability for new discoveries.