Board and auditor

Peter Walker Chairman of the Board

Born 1952

Peter Walker is a British geologist and mining entrepreneur.  He was the founder, President and CEO of Scandinavian Minerals Ltd., a public mining company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, from its incorporation in 1996 until its acquisition in 2008 by First Quantum Minerals Ltd. for $281 million.  Mr. Walker has over 35 years' experience in the international metals and minerals industry.  He holds a B.Sc. in Mining and Exploration Geology from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London.  In 2011 he received the Fennoscandian Mining Award for his role in developing the Kevitsa copper-nickel mine in Finnish Lapland.  Mr. Walker has served as Chairman of Arctic Minerals since November 2017.  He holds 4 107 700 shares in the company.

Hanne Markussen Eek Deputy Chairman

Born 1966 

Board member of Arctic Gold since May 2015.  Hanne Markussen Eek was until April 10, 2015 Chairman of the Norwegian Industry Association of Mining and Mineral Companies, Norsk Bergindustri.  Ms. Markussen Eek has a wide network of contacts in Norwegian industry and government.  She is a partner in the family limestone company, Franzefoss Minerals AB.  Ms. Markussen Eek owns no shares in Arctic Minerals.

Claes Levin Board member

Born 1941

Chairman of the Board of Arctic Gold since May 2014. Claes Levin is Jur. kand. and holds an economics degree from Lund University. Claes has had the following positions: 1968 - 1980 different management positions within SEB, 1980 - 83 CEO of Diligentia, 1983 - 85 CEO of Reinhold Group, 1986 - 98 CEO of Platzer Bygg, 1999 - 2014 Chairman and member of various listed and unlisted companies in various industries, including chairman of Wiking Mineral 2005 - 2012. Claes Levin owns 123 043 shares in Arctic Minerals.

Johan Pedersen Board member

Born 1948

John Pedersen is a Danish geologist who was Technical Director of Scandinavian Minerals Ltd for the Kevitsa mine development project.  John Pedersen has a M.Sc. in geology from Copenhagen University.  He has more than 40 years' experience in mining & exploration in Nordic region and has a strong discovery track record, including the discovery of the Nalunaq, Greenland gold mine, as well as a number of other mineral discoveries in Greenland.  John Pedersen owns 1 343 680 shares in Arctic Minerals.

Krister Söderholm Board member and CEO

Born 1950

Board member of Arctic Gold since May 2012 and chairman of board 2013-2014. Krister Söderholm holds a M.Sc. degree in geology from the Åbo Akademi in Finland. He has worked for 23 years (1979-2002) for Outokumpu in various positions, about half of these in Finland and half in several other countries. Krister has also worked as chief geologist and mining manager at A / S Bidjovagge Gruber in Norway 1985-1988 and project manager / chief geologist / exploration manager at Viscaria AB in Sweden 1989-1996. On behalf of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Finland he was the Inspector of Mines in Finland during the period 2003-2006. From 2006 to 2010 he was employed by Kevitsa Mining Oy / First Quantum Minerals Ltd, where he was CEO and later Country Manager. In 2010 Krister started its own consulting company KrisConsulting Oy. He was elected to the board of Nordic Mines the same year. He was then appointed General Mgr. for Laiva Gold Mine in Raahe, Finland, where he served until June 2012, when he became Deputy CEO of Nordic Mines Oy and, from May 2013, again member of the Board. Krister Söderholm owns 70,000 shares in Arctic Minerals.